Naked Butler Services

Bare-All Entertainment provide professional, dedicated, passionate butlers eager to provide a high quality service for hen nights, private parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, all whilst wearing not much more than a sexy smile!

Hiring one of our Naked Butlers offers you a unique and exciting talking point for any occasion. Happily and mostly naked, they will aim to fulfil your every desire. Our Butlers are multi-talented individuals who can be hired for a number of different roles.

Events We Do

  • Hen nights
  • Birthdays
  • Girly nights in
  • PR Events
  • Corporate events
  • Various ceremonies
  • Office parties
  • Charity fundraisers (40% off)*
  • Ring score card boys (boxing events)
  • Baby showers
  • Leaving parties
  • Wedding events
  • Leaflet distribution with a sexy twist


Where we provide our services is unrestricted since we work alongside a great range of clubs/pubs and venues. We can also be hired to provide our services in the comfort of your own home. Or why not let our service come wherever you are on our very own Bare-All Party Bus.

What Our Butlers Do


We offer a choice of uniforms for your butler from bum on show with an apron or for the more formal party/event topless with trousers and a tie.

Big fan of cocktails

We have butlers that know how to make a wide range of cocktails. Just provide your butler with the ingredients needed and let him work his magic.

Food Service

Our butlers can be hired to walk around with trays of food from your buffet or serve at a sit-down meal. And if asked nicely we are sure he would even hand feed your guests. Your butler is there to work for you so don't be shy in asking him for a hand with your party arrangements. He will be happy to oblige.

Service with a twist

Have your butler at your beck and call to serve drinks and refill glasses.

Party Games

A great way to kick-start your party, this is how you get to see the cheeky side of your butler while leaving everyone with unforgettable memories. If you're stuck for party ideas there are loads of pictures of previous events/parties and girly nights on our Facebook page.

End of the night

We ask you not to persuade our butlers to stay longer than the booked time as we feel this is quite unprofessional and not part of the service we provide. So please don't get your butler into trouble.

SAFETY OF OUR STAFF: Our staff are there for your entertainment, but under no circumstances will we accept aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse or rough man handling.

Interested in a naked butler for your event?